Terms And Conditions

This page represents the terms and conditions of using our website instantloansonline.ca. This document refers the terms which one should read and accept before using the website. In this page "Company", "we", "us" and "our" refers to the instantloansonline.ca and term "You" refers to the registered users and guests viewers of our Site.

Please read and understand the terms of website use very carefully before using the site as making use of the website indicates your acceptance in terms and bound you by them. If you are not agreed with any of the term of use then please do not use the site.

Information About Us

Instant Loans Online carries the business of credit breakage where we help people to get the relevant loan help in need. The company is not a lender and don't authorized to make the credit decision. We just help our registered users to get the cash help as per their need and pocket from the reliable lender.

Our Services

The company services are not limited to the advertising the credit offering of the associated lender. Here we provide the introduction platform to postnatal borrower and lenders in respect of different loan option. In order to get the advertised product from the lender of our panel then you are invited to fill our loan application with the complete, current and correct details.

We do not guarantee that completing our application will result in the receiving the loan offer. Here we pass your request to the lenders and they take the loan approval decision. We might share your details with more than one lender so you can get the right service for your particular situation. It is notable that we are not the part of lending process so you take the decision of lending at your own risk. We held no responsibility if you face any problem after getting the service.

Our site only holds the examples of loan terms and general information which you should not consider as expert advice. So check the contract of loan between you and lender carefully before making commitment. All obligations under the terms of the loan contract are solely between you and the relevant lender.

We don't charge anything from you for offering our assistance as we receive our fees from the lender for refereeing the potential borrower.

Our Site Changes Regularly

We aim to provide the smooth and right service that is why we aim to review our site on regular basis. Here we may change content, terms and other material of the site at any point of time and that without offering the prior notice. Any material of this site may be out of date or hold some error at given time and we are under no obligation to update such material.

Intellectual Property Law

Here at instantloansonline.ca we have the copyright and propriety law for the protection of the material available at our site. As a visitor you are free to take the copy of available material at site for your personal and non-commercial use. The reproduction and republishing the material of this site strictly prohibited under the law.


  • We try to provide the excellent service to our users but we can't guarantee that our site is free from uninterrupted content. So, we hold no responsibility for any damage occurred because of using the site.
  • The third party links available at the website is beyond our control so you are choose to visit them at your own risk.


We made the site to help people in their tough times but there are times when people don't find the satisfactory results. In such situation, you can simply write to us at info@instantloansonline.ca. We will see to your complaint and get back with the relevant response ASAP.

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